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10-30-2009, 11:52 AM
I have some konica 7075 and 7085 copiers with ip601 and ip602 print controllers and some of them won`t initialize the controller as it gaves error code SC 56-04. Can`t find error code in SM and don`t know what tot do.
What I did till now:

1. Rewrite firmware on IP601 and IP602 - no result;
2. Change Firewire Board on IP controller - no result;
3. Change Fireware cabble between copier and IP controller - no result;
4. Change Fireware Board from the copier - no result;
5. Plugged firewire cable directly in firewire board - no result;
6. Plugged an Monitor in IP controller and seems VxWorks software that is installed on IP controller works fine;
7. Tried with other IP controller - no result;
8. The copier and controller worked great until few days ago;
After all those changes still gaves SC 56-04 error code. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

10-30-2009, 07:41 PM
Solution ID TAUS0622503EN* Solution Usage 5
SC56-04 at power up when the IP602 is installed. The print controller works properly on a different 7085.
CAUSE: The machine serial numbers are incorrect or not entered.
SOLUTION: Properly enter the serial numbers using the 25 mode.


Solution ID TAUS0621916EN* Solution Usage 0
Code 56-04.
CAUSE: Incorrect IP unit connected.
SOLUTION: The correct IP unit for the model 7085 is the IP602. No other IP units are compatible with the model 7085

Solution ID TAUS0646053EN* Solution Usage
SC56-04 on the printer.
1. The SC56-04 service code is generated when a new memory board is installed and the copier serial number information is not entered.
Re-enter the serial number after the memory board has been properly installed and reset. The new memory board must be initialized and the serial number
information must be re-entered into the copier. Please refer to attached bulletin 3613 for details.
2. If an optional print controller has been installed, SC56-04 may indicate a communication problem between the print controller and the IFB (Controller
Interface Board) or between the IFB and ICB (Image Control Board).
Re-seat the connectors on the ICB.
3. The code sometimes indicates a communication problem between the operation panel and the ICB. If the copier/printer functions normally, except when printing from the controller, the problem is most likely related to the Interface Board.
Re-seat the connectors on the ICB and the operation panel. Verify that the copier/printer has current firmware. If a controller is attached, make sure that the
controller power cord is plugged into the power receptacle inside the copier/printer. Please see attached bulletin 3097 for details. If the code persists, reload
the PRCB firmware and the ICB firmware. It is also possible that the ICB (p/n 56QA-9010 ) or IFB (p/n 65AA-9120) may need to be replaced.

Hope this helps

11-02-2009, 08:49 AM
Ok thank you for replay. I`ll give it a try and let you know.

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