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11-13-2009, 06:00 PM
Got our C650 running & then registration went off on 100lb cover stocks. The local Konica techs did a $160 service call & reformatted the hard drive. She also told us that Konica's manual says they do not guarantee registration on the settings, "thick 2,3 or 4" & the C650 isn't designed for any papers over 210 gsm?? The konica website says it'll duplex 140lb index from the paper trays. Anyway, we sent a cmyk business card file w/ small black solids built in black only to the rip & registration was off when it printed. Tech said to choose only thick 1, but then quality is bad. We've updated both the firmware & drivers. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Mr Spock
11-14-2009, 05:23 AM
First here is a link to a website that has a table as the the type (index,cover,bond) weight to the gsm2 weight.

Paper Weight - Conversion Chart (http://www.paper-paper.com/weight.html)

The 100lb cover is approx 271 gsm2 and the 140lb index is 252 gsm2.

On the machine the following is the approx gsm2 recommended settings.
The book list them in lbs but the display uses gsm2 so I try to convert.
normal 61-90 gsm2
thick 1 91-118 gsm2
thick 1+ 119-157 gsm2
thick 2 158-207 gsm2
thick 3 208-253 gsm2
thick 4 254-298 gsm2

Also the user guides says that up to thick 3 can be duplexed. As to the registration I could not find anything to confirm or deny what you were told. I will say that the thicker the paper the harder it is to keep consistent alignment and color quality. If the proper thickness is not selected the color will never be as good as it could be.

11-14-2009, 05:46 AM
I'm not sure why a reformatting of a HD would fix reg issues. The registration per paper thickness is adjustable in tech mode.

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