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02-09-2010, 03:08 PM
C550 latest f/w 1.2 Mil copies, 80% B&W. Customer will do 8- 10K per day on some days, almost nothing on other days, so it's either feast or famine... Tray 3 is default tray with tray 4 set to auto switch. Tray 3 will run all 1500 sheets w/o single issue, then switch to tray 4. 1st sheet out of tray 4 will jam with 17-10 code. Pull tray to remove paper and tray 4 will run remaining 999 sheets with out any issues. I have replace all one way clutches, feed rubber, CL3 & CL4, replaced p/u rollers with the BH 750 tractor style, and nothing seems to help. Any thoughts? EMujo

02-10-2010, 05:48 AM
According to the service manual, other things too look for are the actuator assemblies, drive motors and drive board. But I have my doubts it is any of these since this only happens when swapping from tray 3 to 4.

Try reversing tray priority and see if the problem is reproducible in reverse. Generally I recommend tray 4 first because of the shortest path possible. The added benefit to this is reduced horizontal jamming from tray 3 due to dirty rollers there.

On a TSB, there is mention of packing tape residue on the tray, though in that particular case, it was to do only with the last sheet and did not involve a tray switch. Still, worth a look to see if the last page is being delayed. This appears plausable to your case, since the jam only seems to occur at the first page from the second tray when the first tray is emptied.

And something we have been doing locally is removing a tin guide plate that sits on the tray wall just below the feed mechanism. This thing is attached with double sided tape. We have had no problems removing this, though I am of the opinion this also doesn't fix the jam issue in all cases.

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