View Full Version : Error on Imagistics CM4520 or Konica Minolta C450

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03-01-2010, 04:43 AM
I've got an error message that relates to fax board C-B051 on a CM4520 copier which is the same as a Konica Minolta C450,

I've tried everything in the service manual and still can't get anything to work, the control panel won't light up, if I flash a light on the display, I can see that it's on and can see the error code.

When I try to power on while holding the utility button to get the trouble reset option, the screen just changes to faint displayed graphics and nothing else happens, so I can't release the error.

So far I've replaced the control panel and no changes, I've replaced the image processing board and also the DC power supply and no changes either, any ideas anyone????

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