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03-09-2010, 05:50 AM
My "factory training" on this box consisted of 2 1/2 days and that was not near enough to learn everything.

I want to know, EXACTLY what the settings are to set up a box for SMB scan. I've done it before - successfully - but cannot seem to duplicate the feat. I tried today to set a C-252 up in my shop and couldn't get it to connect. I use the same settings (as far as I know) but I get confused when the PageScope interface page tells me to use the IP Address but also wants the folder share name. As far as I know my folder on my desktop is properly shared (I can scan to my other folder with my Toshibas all day long with the same settings in the SMB boxes), so I don't know what's going on... I'm sure there is something specific about the KM boxes, but I just don't know what it is.

Thanks for any help or clarification!

Mr Spock
03-09-2010, 12:37 PM
I normally use the machine interface not pagescope. utility>one touch>one touch>address book>smb> goto page 2 and browse the network (it is labeled reference) you may need the user name and password. If you are on a domain then that is slightly different. You have to use the ip address and setup a few firewall settings.

As to the share name of the folder right click on the folder and goto sharing this will show the share name. So you put this into the pagescope folder. You may need the "\" before the name of the folder but most do not need it. Do not forget the user name and password.

Also Smb scanning is covered in the emperon class not the machine class.

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