View Full Version : Getting an Bizhub 40p to except a tray from another machine ?

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03-09-2010, 08:41 PM
Proberly the stupidest thing I have ever done but I have a 40p and thought about getting an extra tray for it and I noticed its a rebadged Oki b6300 so I checked the specs and parts manual which are identical. I had a feeling it would never work in a million years and at the least I would have another tray I could use for parts encase for the future but still I'd love it to work :).

Right so I go out and get one of these Oki trays at 1/10 of the cost but you guessed it the pcb must be slightly different as the machine knows my trickery and laughs at me telling me to insert the correct tray unit.

Is it even remotely possible to maybe bypass what ever is blocking the signal from the copier to the tray because I'm guessing one of these boards is proberly the price of the full unit from Konica. How would you go about such a thing or what would you look into ? How does the machine detect that its wrong what does it look for is it just an electrical signal or is there more to it ?

Thanks massively for any help,

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