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03-16-2010, 02:30 AM
Anybody can help me. I got a F 26 3 code on Konica 7022 and want to perform a L Detect The problem is that my copier is all in french and I know that I have to go in mode 36 and then HV then look for L Detect. My question is L Detect is doing what. I mean it will detect what in the copier, that way I can manage to find the right thing on mi copier.

thank for Help


03-16-2010, 07:18 AM
Just like any other copier having developer, L detect is reading the developer data that need by the machine as a reference voltage whether it needs to drop toner or not. L refer to as inductance of a coil from the toner sensor. The toner sensor has an oscillation circuit that induce voltage to secondary output. The developer is consists of iron filings (carrier) and carbon resin (toner). The toner acts as a insulator while the iron filings acts as a conductor. As the ratio of toner from the carries reduces, the quantity of iron filings comes closer to the coil and the output voltage of the coil change in direct proportion to the ratio of carrier & toner. Never try to adjust the variable coil as it is calibrated precisely on the factory. If you have an old developer and you assume that you can solve the trouble by running L detect, yak! As per my experienced, you have only 10% chance that you can achieve it, otherwise you have to replace the developer with a new one. If the problem is F26-3, try to check the gear mechanism at the back thaty supplies the toner. They might not working properly. Check also your toner quality, that may be counter fits.

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