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03-16-2010, 04:58 AM
any way to get this to print 11 x 17 pdfs faster. It is taking up to 30 mins to print a 7 page job. They are trying to reduce large wide format drawings and print onto 11 x 17 paper. The file size is anywhere from 4 to 23 mb
So far I have tried different drivers, changed the copier user setting to printer and tried changing all kind of settings in the printer properties, etc.
It prints 8/12 x 11 fine.
Any thing else I can try? I just sold them this machine and they are not to happy.
thanks for any help

03-16-2010, 12:46 PM
Does it do this from all programs? Does it only happen when downsizing drawings? Sounds like it is having trouble compressing all that data.

03-17-2010, 06:01 PM
Sorry to be so straight foward regarding this matter but, this is really a specification and not a problem.:(

The controller in question is the same of the previous models(ex.di2510 and bizhub 250/350) and the same "specification" or problem(it depends of the point of view!) is experienced in this former models.

The reason for this is that this is really not Konica Minolta Machines!

They are NEC manufactured!

I hope this helps!:p

03-17-2010, 07:50 PM

Exactly the answer I would expect from someone with your name. Actually if I was the admin I would delete your account. Profanity takes away any integrity that this site has.

If you don't have an answer DON'T POST A REPLY.

My question is exactly what these forums are for. This forum is not just for repair questions, it is for "Copier Technical Discussion". If you can read see what it says at top of this page.

Thanks for the help MORON !!!!

03-17-2010, 08:19 PM
Hello, first of all sorry for my bad english, I have had several problems with these machines also 250 and 350 when the client try to print a pdf, you can probe something but really you canīt solve all the problem because this machines has a very slow procesor (300mhz), the new ones called phase 2 comes with a new board with a 400mhz procesor and they said that it improves the speed about 10 20 percent. Ok, you can probe this:
First: I can see postcript driver works better than pcl with pdf archives.

Check this things:

2. change the setting of the default device from "Copy " to " Printer in bizhub 200/250/350.

- Press "Utility/Counter" key on Control Panel for bizhub 200/250/350/222/282.
- Touch the button in Touch Panel with the following steps.
- "User Setting", "User's Choice", "6/6" and "Default Device".
- The default device is configured with "Copy" in bizhub 200/250/350/222/282. Change the setting from " Copy to "Printer".

3. Try the emulation PS driver to PCL driver on PC if the customer allows and check which is better.

4. Try to print the PDF file by using "Print as image" feature on Adobe Acrobat.

- Open PDF file which you want to print.
- Select "File", and then "Print". Due to it, the print screen is open.
- Click "Advanced" tab at the print screen.
- Please select "Print as Image" in the advanced print setup.

5. Change the default setting of "PostScript Pass Though" in the document properties.

- Open PDF file which you want to print.
- Select "File", and then "Print". Due to it, the print screen is open.
- Select "Properties" in the print screen.
- Select "Advanced" in the document properties.
- The default setting of "PostScript Pass Though" is configured with "Enable" in PS driver. Please change the setting from "Enable" to " Disable".

* When you want to keep this feature as "Disable", please carrying out the following setting.

- Select "Start" and then "Printers and Faxes" on Windows OS. Due to it, the folder of "Printers and Faxes" is opened.
- Select PS driver with right click, and then select "Properties". Due to it, PS driver properties is opened.
- Select "General" tab in PS driver properties.
- Click "Printing Preferences" in "General" tab.
- Select "Advanced" tab.
- The default setting of "PostScript Pass Though" is configured with "Enable" on PS driver.

Change the setting from "Enable" to " Disable" in PS drive properties. Due to this change, the setting of "Disable" is kept as default setting even if PC is turned OFF.

6. With regard to printing from Adobe Acrobat Professional, there is a passibility increasing printing speed with the color PDF file on B&W models by using "Same As Source (No Color Management)" .

- Open PDF file which you want to print.
- Select "File", and then "Print". Due to it, the print screen is open.
- Click "Advanced" tab at the print screen.
- Please select "Same As Source (No Color Management)" at Color Profile in the advanced print setup.

NOTE: Be mind, the print performance will not be increased just by installing the Hard Disc and expanded memory to bizhub 200/250/350/222 series.

Check this options and decide which is the better choice, sorry if I canīt help you much.

03-18-2010, 02:04 PM
I promise to be more polite than Mr. copyman!

When i wrote the mencioned post, what i meant to say was that .pdf slow printing problems will always be an issue of concern in these engines, unless the manufature re-designs the print controller, which he already did, exchanging the 300Mhz to 400Mhz but, it will only have a 10 to 20% of performance improving(Mencioned on suso73os post)

The problem around .pdf printing is that the machines in question(22ppm to 36ppm) do not have the wished performance in relation to ppm stated in the machines specification manual, especially when we speak of vectorial .pdf.
This matter has nothing to do with paper formats, like it is mencined on the originally posted quote of Mr. copyman.

Mr. suso73os, posted a very complete and good "copy/paste" of the manufacture troubleshooting, itīs purpose is to IMPROVE the machines performance, regarding .pdf slow printing.

The Key word is improve and improving does not mean that the problem will be solved.

Yes we can improve the machines performance by 5 to 10% with this settings but, we will never unfortunately solve this matter.

And this was the idea to take-out of my post.

And, yes i agree with him when he stated that this forum is more than posting technical problems, is also for "Copier Technical Discussion", what i do not understand is why he instead of creating a good discussion out of my former post, he went for the worst way possible, using uneducated and bad language terms and in the same way taking "stupid" conclusions around nicknames(which is diferent than name!).
This kind of behaviour is a really good reason for the Administrator of the forum to be concerned and He defenitily should do something about it!

03-18-2010, 03:36 PM
just an fyi on this family of copiers. they rip slower if the hdd is installed without extra ram. if the fax unit is installed and ram is upgraded you loose some scanning features.

try disableing hdd and see if speed increases.

03-18-2010, 03:58 PM
We have found that the processor (333mhz) in this model is just to slow. The BH420-500 Has a 500 mhz. Same print job prints a little quicker. The color models have a 1028mhz.
And print the same job no prob. Same with the pp4650. We tested them in the shop with the customers problem print job.

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