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04-28-2007, 02:37 AM
Any Idea What Else This Machine Crosses Over With? Where Can I Buy Parts, Etc? ...help...please.
Thanks Mike

04-28-2007, 06:38 PM
What I could find was the
Xerox/Fuji P880 series. The one I have seen the most in the field was the on based on the HP LaserJet 4V, which was quite popular among designers/engineers that were set in a Mac enviorment. Did you check GCC Printers (http://www.gccprinters.com) or gcctech.com? Their own site is pretty informative, listing adjustments on their Knowledgebase and crossover models, check this out from their site about the GCC BLP series regarding a Fuser Unit error, "...Due to the age of this printer, GCC is unable to stock service parts or provide repair services for the printer. The unit was based on the Okidata OL400/OL800 printer...". However, if you need help on this model, I do believe I may have some old manuals/training materials (I used to work for the only dealer in our area that was certified on these rare beasts, so of course I have obtained some). I do not have any experience on these though- so rare, none ever walked into repair shop!! I cannot just send out the materials though. Have mixed feelings on that. Trust me, a couple of the 'top manual sellers' have request some of my stuff for a while, but I would not give in. Maybe its an ethics thing? Please let me know sir, what error, part number, or issue you are having.

04-30-2007, 11:30 PM
I Need A Maint. Kit For This Printer. Can You Help? I Have Found It Online But It Is A Lot!!!

05-01-2007, 01:26 AM
Try DT&T Services- ask for Joe. They are good guys and usually have alot of parts hanging around. Used to use them for IBM InfoPrint and other hard to find parts. www.dttservice.com (http://www.dttservice.com)

I wish I could help more, but GCC is difficult in their naming convention. I believe this model is also refered to as the GCC Elite 20ppm series. However, Precision Roller lists the model as a Genicom with Konica parts in it. Huh?

However, if its the small little desktop unit that I think it is, there was several models based on this unit. Epson had one, EPL-5700 I believe and NEC had one SuperScript 860 or 870... so if you do some experimenting and salvaging, it might help save you some money.

If it is for this model here some info:

Fuser and Transfer Roller are rated for 200K, however, more than likely Fuser is in need of repair (gears clicking and/or baked on toner on hot roll)
Entire unit is only rated for a life of 600k. There is some type of 600k rebuild kit, but not sure what is in it but it is p/n 16589.

Kit: Pick Up Roll (2), P/N: 16582

Kit: Retard Pad (with spring), P/N: 16584
Bias Transfer Roll, P/N: 16509
Fuser Assy., P/N: 16520

Good luck.

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