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07-02-2010, 08:44 PM
Customer has 2 552DSs. and 1 361 (new installs) all are at latest f/w (B4 for the 552s). We have user authentication on for the color units, with Public user on and no restrictions on black copies/prints. All applications but one print normally..dialog box opens and asks for password or public user. The app that is not working is some batch processing program that is tied to a terminal server. When the job is sent to the printer, it fails with a "Login" error. Turned user authentication off and got the same failure message. Set print without authentication to "allow" and jobs print as black and white. Got a little deeper and it turns out that the admin has to write a series of strings within the printer app to tell the PCL printer how to interpret and process the jobs. We think we can make it work if we add a string to state that this is a black and white job (somehow this isn't being communicated to the 552). The jobs print normally on the 361, and a HP 25** series color printer (no authentication settings on this printer). Does anyone have any idea what the PCL code would be? We have ruled out a problem with the terminal server as we can print color and b&w jobs normally from here. Emujo

07-03-2010, 04:40 AM
I used to have a list with all the PJL escape sequences but I can't find it any more.

I did how ever get it from Konica Minolta (as their PJL is slightly different to other manufacturers) so maybe give them a buzz and see if they will email you a copy.

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