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07-06-2010, 09:36 PM
Hi folks,

we are using a bizhub c300 with PC-203 paper feeder.

In tray 1 we use our company paper, in tray 2 is our company paper side 2, in tray 3 is blank paper Size A4 and in tray 4 is blank paper size A3. I configured tray 1 and 2 in the printer and in the Postscript Universal driver as "company paper" / in german it ist called "Briefkopf".

The problem:
If i try to print for example from Word 2007 using paper tray 1 the printer gets a red signal asking to choose the correct paper/tray. When I select the tray then the paper is printed on the reverse side of the paper after turning the paper in the duplex unit.
Another problem is that the Printer-Driver hangs often when i try to change for example the tray and paper options.

Any ideas ?

Greetings from Germany,


07-07-2010, 09:52 AM
1. Don't use the universal driver, it can give end users a lot of grief, like the one you described above. Use the C300 driver. Support & Drivers Search Results | Product: bizhub C300 (http://onyxftp.mykonicaminolta.com/download/SearchResults.aspx?productid=905) should contain the drivers you need for european options as well as north america.

If you have a fiery controller, use the driver from that device (you can download that directly from the fiery controller, type the IP address of your machine in your internet browser to get the fiery interface). If you are using the internal (empiron) controller, use the driver provided on the driver disk for the copier, or download it from KM's website.

On the copier, press utility key, then user settings, then printer settings. In there you can set how the machine uses priority for each tray. You can move the priority around. For example, if the regular paper is fed from tray four, you can set tray four to be first on the list. One level up from that, you can set two other settings for allowing autoswitching, which should help resolve the problem with the red light signal, as this is likely not enabled or set to automatically switch based on paper type. You can also set small originals to print to A4 or letter (this is for photocopying checks or other small slips of paper without the need to select the tray).

When using the tray configuration to set the paper types, I generally discourage users from using the Letterhead function because of the issue you mentioned. Though you will not have a double click event as is normal for duplex, the unnecessary duplexing just adds unneeded wear and tear on the duplex. Where possible, change this to special paper instead. Otherwise, load the paper face down in the main body trays if you have to use letterhead.

And of course, it goes without saying that you need to set the paper type within the driver as well. In most cases, with the machine properly configured, I tell the user to simply set their paper type choice to Special (as an example) and they do not have to set the tray choice. As I said, if properly configured, tray priority will kick in, the printer will automatically look for the first tray that has "Special" paper set and draw from there.

Also, when setting up the print driver, I make a decision at that point to show the user the configuration tab. When I first set up the driver, it is defaulted to automatically query the printer for the options, I usually turn this off after the driver has pulled the options, the driver will respond much more quickly for the end user when they want to print something. If this option is left enabled, there will be a slight delay as the driver will query the machine each time it is used. The benefit to this is if the machine tray settings are changed often by the users for whatever reason they may have. Most of the time, once the machine is set, most offices will not muck around and leave it as is, so turning off the automatic configuration query is ok.

07-07-2010, 06:25 PM
Hi Stirton,

thanks for your message - our c300 does not have the fiery installed. I will try to install the "old" c300 PCL6 driver and will change the paper typ to special paper. But first i have to install the FK-502 Fax-Option. Lotīs of work today. Hope it will all works fine.

Greetings, Tobias

07-08-2010, 01:31 AM
If you have the driver install disk, I recommend using that. It has an autoplay wizard that is pretty easy to use and will configure the drivers for you, along with the proper port creation, so long as the wizard can see the MFP on the network.

Also, through that wizard, you can also select the drivers you want to install, including the fax driver. Generally, I recommend installing PS and PCL and then explain to the end user to use either one as they see fit, but if they encounter any strange issues with a print job, such as an unexpected colour hue, image problems, or font problems, try the other driver. Not all files will print wysiwyg, so having an alternate driver will allow them to get the job out in most cases, assuming the MFP print engine is working correctly.

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