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07-20-2010, 09:22 PM
I have a question in regards to centering on the sheet.

One of our 6501's (we have two of them) has suddenly favors printing closer to the tail end of the sheet. We have offsets for the back side (on the touchscreen) to compensate for registration and always leave the face at 0. Unfortunately, the preset now has to move beyond the 30mm range so we would have to input more offset values on the Creo front end. In short, it's a mess and makes things tough when we are doing inline saddle stitching. I asked our tech if he could do the timing adjustments so images will print centered on the sheet. He ran some chart in service mode and then showed it to me. He said the lines towards the end of the sheet show that it's within "spec". I asked if he can compensate the "spec" and do whatever adjustments to get it to print centered. He said it wouldn't be a good idea because the machine will go out of center again and he would have to come out more often to fix it. For us, down time is bad because we are a fairly high volume commercial printer and we do about 100k 12x18 clicks a month on each machine. Ultimately he ended up blaming it on the Creo and said he would 'look into it' to see if theres a patch or something...

We've had some doubts with this tech before and somethimes it's been a struggle to get things done, so I would just like some input from other experienced techs out there this time.


07-20-2010, 11:28 PM
He is correct in his assertion about the adjustment. If he puts it out of spec now, you may end up calling him eventually to push it the other way.

There are several adjustment calibrations you can do as an administrator of the machine. Those adjustments are in the user manuals, administrator sections.

In many cases, these adjustments should ONLY be done after the machine has been serviced with regard to cleaning of the assorted rollers through the ADU section. If these are dirty, the paper will quite literally slip as it runs through the machine, throwing off timing. Also, depending on which tray you feed from will also have bearing. Tray 1-3 should be only light stock. the bypass tray can handle some heavy stock, but not a steady diet. The LCT (single large tray attachement) or the PF601 (PF602) double tray options can carry a regular diet of heavy paper. But all will suffer from the same issue, the feed and separator tires will become worn over time and need to be replaced. In all cases, these can also introduce some timing variance.

Long story short, ensure the tires are in good shape and that all the rubber rollers throughout the machine are cleaned with rubber rejuvinator of some kind.

Then do the adjustments as mentioned. Some have prerequisite adjustments while others are stand alone.

As for the Creo, there is little in the way of adjustments through that device with regard to timing adjustment. The only available adjustment is specific to the job itself through the driver or if already printed, job properties.

07-22-2010, 09:00 PM
I will propose to use "Both Sides Adj" for each tray after the Tech has complete the timing adj.

You can print a chart and enter some values on the machine for front side or/and for back side.

Try it.

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