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08-19-2010, 05:15 PM
Konica Minolta bizhub c450 yellow IU - does anyone know why this unit is going through yellow iu's faster than there life expectancy. This is happening on two different machines. The last yellow imaging unit lasted only about three weeks with little use.

The imaging units are coming from different sources so I have pretty much ruled out the source (or having bad IU's).

Anyone ever have this problem?


10-13-2013, 12:15 AM
I have this problem everytime I use compatible toner. This machine is very sensitive to toner. Now I use only genuine KM toner and naver have this problems again. The compatible toner somehow starts to consume developer. Once I changed the yellow unit with only 5.000 copies. If you have an old yellow IU take out developer and put in the newer unit. This should work for some more time. Tell us if this worked

10-13-2013, 03:57 AM
you may have a failing hv board, or the transfer belt itself is contaminating the yellow imaging unit charge unit. Check all the imaging units too for developer tracking on the belt all the way back to and into the yellow imaging unit.

also ensure the colour developing (and black) ventilation suction pipes arent blocked at the back of the machine, and the suction fans themselves.

Its pretty normal for machines of that era to destroy imaging units around 3/4 life when used for high density, high volume coloure, but it should be lasting more than 3 weeks.

10-15-2013, 12:06 AM
Pull the Yellow IU out and see of there is any waste toner that may be coming from the transfer belt. If so, then replace the Transfer Belt and the Yellow IU.

10-17-2013, 09:53 PM
Might be toner motor. It was factory error.
Replace motor.

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