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09-13-2010, 04:05 AM
Hi there,

I need help here...
I have been trying to integrate SAP printing with Equitrac.
Here is what I have found out so far but unfortunately, I am still stuck.

On SAP end, they are able to place the user name in the job title. (Please see attachment.)
Hence, I thought of using EQXLPD to capture the user name and match it with Equitrac user ID. The user name and Equitrac user ID is different. However, I was told that only the owner properties, in this case SYSTEM, can be modified by EQXLPD.

Next, I thought of adding the init string in the SAP print initialization, which will look like:
# enter PJL mode and switch to PCL language
# reset
In the Follow-You Printing, you can retrieve the user name from PJL setting HOSTLOGINNAME. However, this user name is different from the Equitrac user ID. So, I have no idea how to match it together.

Of course, the clear way is to use LOCL but the organization needs to go through a print server and not by local printing.

If anyone has any idea on workarounds to this issue, I am all ears and I need help desperately.

Thank you.

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