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09-21-2010, 09:50 PM
bizhub 200, used to not get past "initializing", now it does for some reason, and beats itself up and gives an error code...

i can slide the scanner bar to the right, but then it cruises back to the left... then beats itself up

!*! ABORT !*!
code = 0x00dc0652
tskname = tRT22601
tskID = 0x00005849
sp = 0x89f308a8
ra = 0x812733a8

Any Ideas?
Thank you

09-21-2010, 11:42 PM
Per KMBS solutions.

Power Supply failure.
Check the Power Supply Unit (PU1) at connector PJ5PU1. The voltages should read as follows:
1 3.3
3 5
7 24
9 12
Note : If these voltages do notmatch the above readings,replace the Power Supply unit (p/n 4040 6201 01).
Open 24V DCfuse (F222) on the BCRS due to M12 (Scanner) harness pinched by the right cover.
bizhub 200/250/350
Change routing of the M12 harness (p/n 4040 1505 01) for theScanner motor (p/n 4551 2013 01) thenreplace the BCRS (p/n 4551 2033 01 for bizhub 350
and p/n 4551 2034 01 for bizhub 200/250 ).

09-22-2010, 09:50 PM
you have a pic where the location of PJ5PUI is located? is the ground pin obvious? (ie black?)

where is DC fuse F222, or where is the BCRS and i can locate fuse by the markings on the board...

Im an IT guy not a copier guy, so any help is great thank you.


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