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big jase
09-30-2010, 01:29 AM
i have a C5500 jamming in the reverse exit section, it prints OK when doing face-up prints but whenever a duplex or face down print the paper just sticks at the reverse decurler roller (see Pic) , i have replaced this roller and cleaned up reverse gate guides.
I'm unsure if i should replace motor as looks like its failing when it changes direction
it also when doing just 1 copy doesnt show a jam, but paper is still in same place!

I'm getting J32-02 code when jam does show

Any Ideas would be appreciated


09-30-2010, 02:01 AM
J-3202 paper jams.
1. Paper jamming in the fuser due to a broken/worn fuser unit drive gear and/or shaft.
Note : Codes from all paper trays also may occur when using 80lb Cougar Cover paper.
Replace the worn one-way gear (p/n A03U 8093 11) and, if required,the shaft (p/n A03U 7258 00).
2. One or more springs are under the Paper Exit Shaft and the Fixing Paper Exit Rollers are not be able to touch the Fixing Paper Exit Drive Rollers (p/n
A03U 7209 00).
Note : Paper may be 1 to 2 inches out of the fuser when the jam occurs.
When replacing Fixing Paper Exit Rollers (p/n A03U 7225 00), all three springs should be over the Paper Exit Shaft (p/n A03U 7280 00) to allow for proper
roller tension. Please see attached photos.
3. Bearing in the paper exit unit is dirty or worn.
Clean or replace the exit bearing (p/n 07AA 7506 2) in the paper exit unit.
4. PS17 actuator missing or broken.
Replace the actuator for PS17 (p/n A03U 7308 00).
5. Improper actuation of SD4 (Paper Exit solenoid).
Note : In most cases, the jam occurswith 8.5x11 portrait only.
Check the actuation of the solenoid in the I/O mode, State Confirmation Mode, Code 80-0 for proper operation. Check to make sure that the throw of the gate
is above the fuser nip andadjust as necessary. Replace the solenoid (p/n 65AA R704 00)and Linkage (p/n 65AA 4928 0) as necessary.
6. The guide plate diverting the paper to the turnaround section may be bowed or cracked. Replace the Paper Exit Guide Swing Part (p/nA03U 8610 02).

And in some cases, the CDB (conveyance drive board) on the ADU itself may have blown an ICP....

Mr Spock
09-30-2010, 03:53 AM
I had this once (I still consider myself new to this model) and it was both sensor #4 and 7 that were not working and had to be replaced.

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