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07-16-2007, 02:10 PM
How is everyone handling the increased amount of scanner clicks on your Maint. Contracts? Are you using ie: 1 scan click to 3 copy click (1:3) ratio and charging overages on scan clicks? Or just ignoring it and covering all scans under a per COPY contract? Just courious how other dealers are handling this new issue.

07-16-2007, 02:29 PM
We have some high volume scan customers that we charge a flat rate per month for scans. we're looking at 20k to 100k per month in scans.

07-16-2007, 07:53 PM
I am trying to implement a billing of .002 for scans that exceed the number of pages printed. However, some customers do not send in the whole report that shows all the totals and also my billing software for contracts is not flexible enough for multi level billings. I have not had enough over usage of scanning yet for it to be a big problem, however I can foresee it coming.

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