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03-19-2011, 02:26 PM
Hi I have a few Konica 7075 printers with IP601 printcontrollers. I seem to be having a problem with 2 of them. On one of them when I send a paper to print to it it starts to print but it sends out 2 pages one which is totally blank and the other with a syntax error message on it and it stops printing after that, what is causing this and how do I fix this problem?
The other one is a different problem, I send a paper there and if it is a reasonabably large paper it will send out a page with an I.O error message on it and the it will start over and print to that same point and send out the same message and over again until you cancel it.
But if you send a small paper ther it will print the entire paper with no errors.

How do I fix this problem aswell any ideas and help with these 2 issues will be great.



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