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04-26-2011, 06:42 PM
Hi guys n gals,

This may be an unusual request but I have been asked if I can change the network identity of a Develop Ineo +220 to a Konica Minolta C220 (same machines) as I have a customer who wants his clients to be able to use windows update to get drivers for his machine instead of from his network.
He has both Develop and KM machines onsite and the KM's will download a driver from windows update but the Develops wont. I believe its because the Develop advertises itself as "Generic 36-C" and windows doesnt know what that is.

I have worked on Ricoh's in the past and it was a simple soft switch to set the device name(ie Infotech/Gestetner etc) but for the life of me I cant see the same on the Develop / KM.

Any advice would be appreciated


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