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01-30-2005, 03:03 AM
Does anyone have any good ideas for a bonus program for field techs. I have a bunch of technicians that might be better motivated by some cash. I\\\'m not a fan of parts commissions or calls per day contests. I\\\'m looking for something easy to administer that can pay those that are willing to do what it takes to out perform others. Any Ideas?


02-26-2005, 04:00 AM
I\'m looking for one also. The idea of some bonus for tech\'s sounds great but is difficult to design something that is easy and works across the board. Our sales manager wants to give a monthly bonus to tech of the month. Determined by a vote of peers in the service dept or by a vote of the sales dept for their favorite tech that month. I see both of these options as a diasaster waiting to happen. Somehow there must be a way for the Company to show us the $$$$.

Mike B
03-01-2005, 10:05 PM
I don\'t know that I have any answers for you but will try to set down some of the things used to determine if a technician is doing his job.

From what I have read the good technician with a shop that is full of equipment to be repaired should be able to generate $75,000 in income for the company in a year. Of coarse this depends on a lot of factors. If the tech is working on warranty stuff than it will be more than on salvage stuff.

A good technician is there for the customer. That means he is at work on time every day and leaves only at quitting time. Schedules time off and is generally a good employee.

A good techinician will normally get thanks from the customer. At least once or twice a year. Maybe in the form of a letter or a phone call.

A good technician leaves the customers equipment and work place clean after he has been there. Even if it was not clean when he got there. He takes the extra few minutes to clean up his work space at the shop.

A good technician will try to sell supplies to the customer that are top rated as he knows this will make his job easier. If the company he works for is selling inferior supplies than he may recommend others over what you sell. What works for the customer is what works for him.

A good technician will report the equipment he sees in a business back to his company. Possibly allowing you to sale maintenance or services. Informing the customer that you also work on that equipment is part of his job. In addition he will keep his eyes open for sales leads and truthfully tell the customer when a piece of equipment needs to be replaced.

There are many more things such as treating people with respect and other items. But basically this will give you an idea where the money comes from. Some of the places I have worked for gave out bonuses for the most generated and seccessful sales and supply leads.

It is really hard to teach a technician to leave the place clean. Usually are in a hurry.

05-20-2005, 07:53 AM
I don\'t know how many techs you have, My buddy uses BEI Services to monitor equipment stats and administer some sort of bonus program that the techs seem to like.

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