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08-29-2007, 04:20 AM
- What solutions are you guys currently working with?

- What products have you set up for customers?

- What did you like about them and how much time do you guys spend, after install, supporting the products. As in helping the customer basically use the features.

Yeah, I know. It seems like a lot of questions! Our small company is just now starting to get customers that are asking about scanning services that something like Doculex Goby provides. We recently had a customer ask for a quote on a Savin 8055 with a stand alone E-Copy and Bates Stamping. The same week, I was asked by a national account if we had anything that could perform image recognition scanning. Of course, I laughed and told them no! But a few days later, when talking with our regional solutions specialist, he tells me that there is something out there that does it and he is very familiar with it. He is planning a trip over to so he and I can talk with the account more in depth.

And I will be attending a 3-day E-Copy and a Doculex class in a few months too, so... the more info and input here the better. Although I am a tech with a loan Savin Dealer, most of these products are fairly independent of brand, from my understanding. I know there are some that are more specific, but for this discussion, it really doesn't matter. Because the more we know, the better (or more dangerous!) we can be.

Thanks guys! :cool:

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