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08-08-2011, 07:25 PM
Machine works fine from other trays, jams randomly from tray 3. When we go into service mode to check jam sensor it just says TRAY 3. Paper just stops randomly on side going up to fuser. Is this a faulty sensor in the feed assembly for tray 3?

Thanks all!


08-08-2011, 09:38 PM
How far into the fuser is the paper making it before it stops? Is the print on the page off center at all or is the positioning correct? On a multi-page job, where is the following sheet of paper located when the jam occurs?

If the page is about halfway through the fuser, then it is most likely a size mismatch occurring. Check your tray 3 settings for proper size. Also, flash the firmware to ensure it's not glitching on you.

If on multi page sets there is no page following the one located by the fuser, check the tray itself to see if there is any shift in the top sheet. Also check to see if there are any roller marks on the page where it would have been picked up. The feed units on these machines are notorious for this as they use one-way bearings to control the drive of the rollers. Pull them off, clean them out with a rag and some thinner, and also clean the shaft that the one-ways are on. You may want to use a fine file and file down the surface of the shaft where the one-way sits.

If there is no shift in the paper stack, and you see a slight mark on the page where the pickup roller is, then there is not enough pressure on the pickup roller to properly grab the paper. Pull the feed unit out, you will see the white lever at the back of the unit that drops the pickup assembly. When you activate this by hand, you will see the metal arm on the pickup frame that this white lever holds onto. Bend this arm slightly upwards, about 2-3 degrees, to allow the pickup roller to drop further down towards the stack of paper. This has corrected hundreds of jamming issues on this style feed assembly for us.

If none of this helps, then you most likely need to replace the feed drive motor, part # 9314-1201-01

This applies to both the 2x500 sheet tray 3/4 as well as the tandem LCT.

08-09-2011, 07:24 AM
Just keeping to the basics, Mrfuser:

(You didn't say, LCT Tray3, so I'll assume a PC-102 or PC-202 drawer base.)

There are a few pesky issues that can cause intermittent misfeed as these guys get some count on them.
I'll list in the order that I would check.

Drawer Clips

The little white clips in the front of the machine, near the right side of the tray. They hold the tray in tight. As they wear, they loosen their hold and allow the tray to walk out slightly. These are replaceable with a new-style black clip and snap ring. You'll find the numbers easily in a knowledge base search. Let me know if you have trouble -- I'm happy to supply the part nos.

In conjunction with this, it's common for the drawer tab itself to crack. You would have to replace the entire tray body. (Not as intimidating as it sounds.)

Feed Assy Levers

There's a whole new-style lever retrofit kit available where The Lever Angle Has Been Changed... There's serial number cut-ins and all sorts of impressive stuff in the bulletin...(yawn).
Look for the back of the paper tray where it contacts the lever in the back that drops the feed assy. Just build that area up with a little epoxy mix to give your feed assy a positive drop. (I use JB Quik -- color matches the tray.)


Finally, if you get as far as tearing out the feed assy, take a look at the little white one-way needle bearings on the roller shafts. K-M calls them "arbors". They can fail. The ones on C351 are white. I like to use the black arbors from C650/C652 series. Don't ask me why... Newer model, maybe I feel like they're a little better. In fact, I prefer the orangish C650 feed rollers for C351 retrofit for the same percieved reason.


BTW, if these don't set off your alarm bells, it might be useful to check the Jam Code counter and get the actual J-code that's occuring...


08-09-2011, 03:27 PM
Check the copper colored bushings on the ends of the registration rollers. They will wear into an oblong shape then the jamming will start.

08-09-2011, 06:37 PM
It is a PC-202. Does not jam from drawer 1 or 2, not much from 4, but 3 jams frequently and randomly. I will check some of the suggestions above.

Thanks all,


08-10-2011, 08:25 AM
Check the copper colored bushings on the ends of the registration rollers. They will wear into an oblong shape then the jamming will start.

Indeed! And it'll start with single tray intermittent jams. And doesn't require wallowed out bushings, either...
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01-16-2020, 06:41 PM
Bad drive motor fixed it

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