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09-18-2007, 04:41 AM
Hey folks! I had this machine first thing. No big deal I thought. The customer ran some Epson photo paper through and ripped the fuser to crap. No big deal right!? Go in, replace the fuser, scold the customer while printing out all those fuser adjustment sheets.

Well, that's were it went to hell! When I pressed enter, to enter the fuser adjustment procedure, the machine says that it cannot be performed and to check the users manual. I did and found a reference about this happening if the fuser was replaced while the machine was in a toner almost low condition. But the machine's not and I verified this by logging onto the machine from a PC and checking the toner levels as well as removing them all one by one. From the PC, each level had two green bars. Nor was the machine stating that it was almost low of toner.

Anyway! I tried to perform the auto adjustment, like the book said, it failed. I was able to perform the manual adjustment and had the customer make some prints. Things looked fine. But, the error lite will not turn off and the message that the fuser should be adjusted will not go away. I know, it's because the procedure was not followed and until then, it wont go away.

Oh yeah, one time I got a SC285 code, which is for low image density and it pointed me to the ID sensors located on the ITB assy. I wiped'em down and the code went away, but I still cannot perform the fuser adjustment. Anyone have any ideas or seen this? :cool:

Sorry, I did not think to print out a log report, stupid! stupid!, so I have no idea if there were any underlying codes. :o

09-19-2007, 01:25 AM
will it pass an LP ajustment?? If it won't do fuser adj as fuser replacement from UT, try reseting the PM counter in sp's, then go back to fuser adj. Just another FUBAR thing these printers do.

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