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09-27-2011, 07:24 PM
Machine worked yesterday...Turned on today and got this error...went through the step in the manual..

Lens cover is on..
Connector is Connected
Exposure Lamp Lights...

when the lamp comes on thats when the error occurs.

Any suggestion what to check next?

09-27-2011, 11:05 PM
check the board converting analog / digital ADB or the lamp may have lost its initial strength.

09-27-2011, 11:53 PM
SC46-25 after power up.
SC46-25 after power up.
1. Failure of A/D conversion board (ADB).
Check the connections between the ADB and the ICB and reseat. If the problem persists, replace the CCD (p/n 55VA-6110).

2. A bind in any paper tray lift mechanism, not allowing the tray to raise.
Repair the binding of the paper lift up plate in the offending tray. To isolate the tray causing the problem, power the machine ON with one paper tray withdrawn at a time until the offending tray is found.
a. The bind with the paper lift up plate may be cause by the rear and side guides being too tight against the paper.
b. This problem may have been caused by the machine being moved with paper in the tray.
c. A SC18-xx code may also appear at power up.
d. Inspect that paper was properly loaded by the end user.

3. The firmware failed.
Re-flash the machine to the latest firmware.
Note: The latest version firmware or system software is available via the Konica Minolta Download Selector. Access the Selector from SSD Web Support (CS Expert Support) by clicking on 'Download MSDS, Drivers, Firmware and more'.
a. It is not recommended to perform the flash procedure with a laptop in battery mode. It is possible that weak batteries can corrupt the process. If flashing causes erratic operation or unexpected displays, repeat the procedure two or three times.
b. If unable to access the 25 mode due to firmware failure, or circuit board replacement, access the non-graphical ISW mode by holding the HELP and CHECK keys while powering on. If the LCD is blank and the timer LED is flashing the HELP and CHECK mode will not function. At this point, connect the laptop and send the Image files while the machine is ON and the timer LED is flashing. Then follow the text instructions on the display.

4. The exposure lamp is not lighting.
Note: The error may have been preceded by black images.
Observe the exposure lamp during initialization. If the lamp does not light, check for an open F1 fuse on the L1 inverter board located on the scanner frame. If the fuse is open, replace it with a fuse of the same rating. If the fuse is not open, carefully inspect the exposure lamp for any damage or discoloration which would indicate a defective lamp. If the lamp is suspected it should be replaced (p/n 55TA83010).

5. L1 and lamp starter failed.
L1 may come ON in 47 mode, however the exposure lamp intensity is excessive. Replace the L1 (p/n 55TA83010).

6. Pinched wiring in the registration/ADU area.
Inspect the wiring in the registration area for any pinched/shorted wires and repair as needed, especially if work was recently performed in this area. In this case, the error code appears as soon as L1 lights during initialization. L1 will flash for one second rather than remaining illuminated for the normal 6 -7 seconds that occur during a normal initialization.

7. DCPS2 failed.
Note: A loud noise may be heard from the optics drive system.
Replace DCPS2 (p/n 55VB84520).

8. Printer CB failure.
Replace the Printer CB (p/n 55VA-9021).

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