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01-09-2012, 07:50 PM
Hello all,
I need a recommendation for a client that is running Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4, soon to be 5.7 (This is equivalent to Red Hat 5.4 or 5.7). They want a B&W, and currently have an NEC IT3640D, similar to the bizhub 362, which doesn't seem to have compatible drivers. Does anyone have any experience with the bizhub 363 and Oracle/Linux? The 363 has Linux drivers, but I can't find anyone that actually has one on an Oracle or Linux system.
Thanks for your help,

01-09-2012, 10:43 PM
You will most likely need to install the Konica Minolta Print Utility for Unix on the Oracle/Linux/Solaris server and then use the KP print.

You can get the machine to work using something like an HP LaserJet 4 driver from within Oracle as the Konica Minolta will understand the PCL, but not all of the PCL can be understood correctly unless you have to correctly installed the Konica Minolta Utility.

Once the Utility is installed, you will then have to ensure that you install the correct driver for your machine as the Utility only comes with a limited ammount of pre-installed drivers.

There is also documentation for the Utility included within the zip file that you download.

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