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11-16-2007, 04:33 AM
Hi guys,

New member here looking for some advice. My company has an Oce 3200 copier that I use on a daily basis to make copies of mechanical drawings that are on negatives. The machine has quit and we cannot find anyone to work on it. The company bought a new digital scanner to replace the Oce 3200, but it isn't working out so well. Our main needs are a good quality hardcopy, not a digitized image. I want to fix the Oce 3200.

The symptoms are: The machine seems to go through it's normal paces, scanning, feeding paper from the rolls, etc...but when the paper comes out, there is nothing on it. All mechanicals seem to be working..the paper feeds fine..the strobe flashes...the machine goes "thump..thump..thump.." like it always has..it's just there is no image on the paper.

I really need to solve this, so if there is someone out there that is familiar with this machine, I would be ever so greatful if he/she would take the time to walk me through some troubleshooting. I have scoured the web for a service manual, but this machine seems non-existent.

Thanks in advance for any help someone may offer. Rick

10-28-2008, 03:31 AM
I know this is really late but.....
Either the pin array (corona) is backed out away from the master (drum) or the master isnt levered up into ready position. All of these things are levered off when shipped.

10-30-2008, 12:34 AM
Thanks for the reply. The Oce is still broken since no one, including myself, at the office appears smart enough to troubleshoot it. I sincerely appreciate your response.

Could you go into more detail about where the above mentioned items are located and what they might look like. I presume they are accessable from the front door where the paper is loaded. I am fairly mechanical inclined, but don't have clue as to the copy machine terminology.

Would it be possible to locate a service manual?


10-30-2008, 05:54 AM
This is going to sound lame. For some reason I related to the Oce 3100. Now as I reread the post Im not sure which machine youre referring to.
If its Oce (true blue) I think I can help. As far as the service manual, no theyre in Lotus Notes form and proprietary.
Check this link, this is the machine I thought you had.
OcÚ 3100 (http://www.oce.com/en/Products/discontinued/hardware/3100/default.htm)

I googled the 3200 for a photo but came up with nada. It sounds like you have an OEM (made by another manufacturer but branded by Oce')mach on your hands because Im confident that you dont have a true Oce' copier as in made in the Netherlands.
Sounds like a wide format mach. Your reference to strobe flashing and copying negatives onto roll paper hints at it.

If it is a WF mach its likely to be a problem with the scanner lamp or possibly a broken corona wire. Both of these would have to be serviced by a tech. You could call Oce, place a service call BUT explain you want the tech to call first before coming out. He/She can give you a guesstimate on the trouble and you may find out it cant be fixed without a tech. Then make sure you tell him youre canceling the call and phone dispatch and cancel yourself. Let me know what happens.

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