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04-04-2012, 10:22 AM
I have 7 920 copiers, over the years I have gone though 11 of them. I have 2 machines that have spooling issues. Right now out of 2 machines, I have 2 that will print fine. We print mail merges using overlays.

Most machines when i send 10K duplex prints, takes maybe 5 minutes to spool to the IP controller. One these 2 machines they spool just under 58mb to the machine, then will continue to spool to the IP, but as it prints and processes. More or less it trickles to the IP like if it was running slow - not the network but the IP Controller.

I have tried to put a 2nd switch between the main switch and the printers switch.

I have swapped Ethernet ports on the main switch and a newly installed secondary switch, changed IP addresses, turned the speed down from auto to 10mb.

no matter what i do it still will only spool 58mb.

I have gone line by line of the soft switch settings of these 2 that are acting oddly, vs ones that work well.

no major differences. I get them all lightly used.

any help or tricks that could help figure this out would be helpful.


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