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05-09-2012, 09:36 AM

I hava access to a bizhub pro 6500 through work.

I have a bunch of small photos that I would like to scan, and would like to ask this boards knowledgeable members for tips and advice on settings to get the best possible quality.

Basicly, my options are sRGB vs Adobe RGB and tif vs jpg. Tif files actually end up beings smaller than jpg, which was kind of a surprise. 600 dpi is as high as it will go, and this is fine for my purposes. I know that a seperate scanner will probably give me better results, but I have like 2000 photos I want to scan. In the long run, I will probabably get a negative scanner, but it will probably not be until I retire since it is so timeconsuming.

An issues I have come up against is that when scanning smaller photos, I get a big whit border. This is because the photos are smaller than the allowed minimum dimensions. I will work around this by using a post-processing batch job.

Thank you for any feedback :)

05-09-2012, 04:00 PM
Don't work on this box, but most KM products have a "non image erase" mode..this would delete anything around the photo if placed on the glass..Maybe someone else can give some feedback on this, but I have heard my production guys say the color production MFPs are lacking on the scan side..Almost like KM said.."oh crap, we forgot to put a scanner on this MFP"..Great color output, but lower then expected scan quality..Emjo

05-09-2012, 05:39 PM
Did about 1000 scans today using 600dpi, sRGB (http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/adobe-rgb.htm), jpg and setting the scan area to auto. To get rid of the white space around each image, I use the method provided below.

Quality turned out alright. I will probably put them on a photoframe, but if I ever want to print an enlargement, I'll have to dig up the original.

Currently looking for a way to automatically filter for dust, like over the cabin in the attached picture. The jpeg-artifacts may provide a challenge, but if I really have to, it won't take too long to rescan. I'd also love to find an auto-rotate script based on open-cv or something similar. I'm thinking something that detects the orientation of faces or something that detects the horizon.

# The following bash script uses imagemagicks
# convert to detect the picture area and jpegtran to losslessly crop the area.
rm log
for i in *.jpg
croparea=`convert {$i} -virtual-pixel edge -blur 0x15 -fuzz 40% \
-trim -format "%wx%h%O" info:`
jpegtran -crop $croparea -outfile crop/$i $i >>log && echo $i >>log

05-10-2012, 05:01 PM
I think the questions you have are over the head of most of us...I don't even know what it is that you posted (some kind of batch file)..You don't have a problem with your 6500, and that is what this forum is for...you might want to repost your questions in a less specific area (general questions, tips/tricks etc). If the person that might have the answer for you doesn't work on KM products, he/she will never see this. Emujo

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