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12-21-2007, 05:36 AM
Spent quite a while on a unit, repairing broken parts and trying to get it in order. Lastly, I keep getting a black streak down the right side of the page, and little or no printing on the left side. Have already replaced fuser, rollers, high voltage power supply, swapped print heads from another unit, used new toner cartridge. What else is causing this? Can it be mechanical where the toner is being opened improperly? Any thoughts appreciated.

12-21-2007, 11:53 PM
I know you said Rollers, but I wasn't sure which ones. My first guess on these guys is the Charge Roller that hangs behind the Toner Cartridge. It drops as the Front Cover is closed. I have seen people pull these out, have seen the arm on the one side break so that you get uneven prints. Usually when this Roller goes bad you get either a sort of backround on all prints or light. Also retrace your steps, because it sounds like you might have been digging at this machine over about another issue. Make sure you didn't just not fully seat a connector. And, I lastly, if you haven't test with a known good Toner Cartridge (maybe even a OEM, new one), please do. I have had high failure rate with reman/rebuilds for lexmark toners. Good luck sir. Please post results.

12-22-2007, 12:16 AM
Oh, it was the charge and transfer rollers. Yeah, I try to be careful about alignments and such, but I will see if the charge roller is seated right when I can back to the bench. I also used a new OEM toner, along with a couple of used OEMs that we keep on the bench.

This T630 had an issue where the toner was was being reported as not being installed. I replaced the sensor (the 2 pin device on the right as you look inside). That cleared that up, but was also having jamming issues. Took a while to get it to feed right, I disassemble most everything I can find! It was finally OK in that department, but the printing issue still exists. I ran out of time yesterday to keep digging at it, but will get back to it ASAP.

These are all units coming from banks, I do a lot of service on them. Usually I get them back to operation (I had on T612 that fell off a counter and was severely damaged/broken...I wasn't going to let it beat me, I spent quite a while, scavenged parts off of dead Lexmarks and got it working perfectly again :) )

I'll post an update when I get back to the 630, thanks for your comments.

02-01-2008, 02:28 AM
THis is a quick note for someone who stumbles on this print quality issue and has a print quality issue. I have seen, just this week, a transfer roller pad work its way out of the print path so far it affected print quality. Inspect the transfer roller for this problem!
Daniel - metropolitanprinter.com

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