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11-23-2012, 11:53 AM
Hi all!

First off, i'd just like to inform you all I'm new round here. I've just begun my career as a service technician of Konica Minolta MFD's so excuse my lack of experience and go easy on me..

Here's the issue, I have a Konica Minolta C352 that is printing a black and white pattern over every page. See sample below (Ignore white block on page)....


Up until recently the C352 has been functioning with no issues, giving a good quality print seeing as the machines been in use for around 5/6 years. All of a sudden however, when printing, a horrible patterned black and white background covers the print completely ruining it. This happens no matter what you are printing, I have run several different tests e.g. test page, CMYK gradation, all achieving the same outcome.

A fellow technician has said he thinks it looks like a 'scorotron pattern'.

I've been searching Google aimlessly to no avail so now i'm hoping somebody here recognises the problem and could be of assistance.

Thanks in advance!


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