View Full Version : C6501 - Any tricks to installing RU-504?

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12-29-2012, 02:24 AM
Having a hell of a time, looks like machine was forced together with loctite and bent brackets.

Client has 2M on machine, needs new rollers on RU if not other places, runs post cards a lot. Thought removing the side panel may help, but that didnt make any thing better.

When you start with a pig you end with a pig, well the new RU looks good, so a PIG with lipstick...

any help sorting this out, looks like the SD wants to sit about 3MM back from RU, machine side of RU is aligned started to go towards leveling the entire box (FINISHER SIDES), but now i think they have wrong brackets on SD side of RU.

I think this is why the RU was working so hard to course correct, and why they were having J7451 now and again.

I was told of a install by a buddy that completely removed the lower brackets from the sd side of the ru, just used the upper RU to align. Is that a good idea?

Will take a look on Monday, any help is appreciated.

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