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10-28-2013, 06:52 PM
Howdy folks,

I've been having some trouble with our Konika Minolta C652 for a little while now for Scan to Email. The long to short of the problem is that if you scan a couple pages, or put on Compact PDF, the files will scan and be sent to the user email with something like a 5 minute delay, otherwise the emails will try to send from the KM for about 20 minutes, then fail. telnetting into the server and sending an email is instantanious, and there is no delay. There is also no delay in the printer connecting, just with it either sending the data, or with Exchange receiving the data.

Now, on to the Exchange configuration:
I have a separate Receive connector set up for the KM machine, so it doesn't need to authenticate, and have tested the connection and speed with my computer. It is also using a non-standard port, so as to rule out any other connectors.
I have the tarpit turned off
the message size limits have either been removed, or changed to their limit (2GB in most cases)
I have the max acknowledgement interval turned off
I have tried the usual suspects, like setting the server as IP and not hostname, and managed to track down posts on the receive connector to set it up as per the white paper.
I have watched the logs on Exchange and get the following:

2013-10-28T15:43:20.283Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,0,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,+,,
2013-10-28T15:43:20.283Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,1,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,*,SMTPSubm it SMTPAcceptAnySender SMTPAcceptAuthoritativeDomainSender BypassAntiSpam AcceptRoutingHeaders,Set Session Permissions
2013-10-28T15:43:20.283Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,2,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,>,"220 fqdn.mycompany.com Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Mon, 28 Oct 2013 12:43:19 -0300",
2013-10-28T15:43:20.283Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,3,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,<,HELO [PrinterIP],
2013-10-28T15:43:20.283Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,4,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,>,250 fqdn.mycompany.com Hello [PrinterIP],
2013-10-28T15:43:20.287Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,5,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,<,MAIL FROM: <printeremail@mycompany.com>,
2013-10-28T15:43:20.287Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,6,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,*,08D0A203 593B8ACF;2013-10-28T15:43:20.283Z;1,receiving message
2013-10-28T15:43:20.287Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,7,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,>,250 2.1.0 Sender OK,
2013-10-28T15:43:20.287Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,8,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,<,RCPT TO: <user@mycompany.com>,
2013-10-28T15:43:20.506Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,9,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,>,250 2.1.5 Recipient OK,
2013-10-28T15:43:20.506Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,10,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,<,DATA,
2013-10-28T15:43:20.506Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,11,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,>,354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>,
2013-10-28T15:45:50.768Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,12,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,>,250 2.6.0 <526E5B4B.014.00206B6330FA.printeremail.mycompany.c om> [InternalId=33175] Queued mail for delivery,
2013-10-28T15:45:50.770Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,13,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,<,QUIT,
2013-10-28T15:45:50.770Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,14,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,>,221 2.0.0 Service closing transmission channel,
2013-10-28T15:45:50.771Z,SERVERNAME\ConnectorName,08D0A203 593B8ACF,15,ServerIP:2525,PrinterIP:1043,-,,Local

I've seen a lot of Scan to Email issues in the forums from the last couple months, but nothing quite like this one. Hope someone out there can lend me a hand with this.


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