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11-01-2013, 01:02 AM
I was recently out to service a KIP 5000. It was billable for time and materials (no contract). There HDD was full and I deleted all the files in the "Problems" folder to free up 90% of the space. Another issue involved PrintNet which would not work from the browser. Even connected my laptop up to it and still didn't work. The VNC viewer though did work on my laptop and customers PC. I created a support ticket and they couldn't understand why printnet would not work but in the end they told me to reload IPS. Customer had to think about whether he wanted to pay for more labor to do this. All this was last Friday.

Customer has been able to print up to Monday. Now jobs show up in the queue but do not print. The printer shows as fully ready, no errors or messages. Rebooting does not help.

Customer has someone talk to someone from KIP he says and has reloaded IPS to the latest version supported on this machine. Still same issue where the job will show up in the queue but it will not print.

BTW the customer normally prints from kip request or sometimes the windows driver. I have not been back out their since Friday. I was ask to call the customer for a helpdesk call.

So now they cannot print at all although the job shows in the queue. Just seeing if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks

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