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06-27-2014, 09:42 PM
I am having problems trying to resolve the underlying cause of code C-2720 on a KM C6501

When the second transfer was
ON, second transfer abnormality
detection signal was continuously
detected for the specified

One of our engineers replaced the transfer belt drive assemby, M and C drum drive assemblies, after this he had a constant C-2720 that would not clear. After this he replaced HV/2 and PRCB, transfer belt assy and lower transfer roller assy. I have looked at the machine myself but cannot see what he may have done to cause this. I have checked all wiring to/from the units that he replaced, the connectors on the metal support in front of HV/2,I have metered the HV wiring to/from the ITB belt unit and have also replaced HV/2 and PRCB again.I have checked that HV connectors have not been put on the board wrongly.

When switching on the machine it starts to warm up The registration and colour patches are appearing on the ITB so primary transfer via HV/2 must be working.at the end of this sequence the secondary transfer roller is pushed up aginst the ITB and straight away the fault (C-2720) appears.

Can anyone offer some advice on where to look next.


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