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07-27-2014, 02:45 AM
Came across a bizhub c500 and naturally as I wish to self produce a book, I am very interested in purchasing.

the machine seems to not have been used in a year or so. I started it up and recieved error code sc23-05 immediately on boot.

i wiggled w a few things and then rebooted andprinter came online, however as soon as it began whirling, again it locked up with sc23-6 this time.

i tried a third time and managed to boot but then got an sc23-07.

on the last try it spat out sc23-05 again.

All colors are full.

ran test mode in diagnostics and all 229 process passed.
Before I purchase, I want to know worse case scenario and best case to get it working.

i know these are costly workhorses, however know nothing about these printers.

is 400 reasonable with the expectation of repair needed? How much am I looking at for repairs?

service manual or schematic for these machines?

how do I clear the sc23-05-6-7?

Mr Spock
07-27-2014, 11:17 PM
First that machine is no longer supported by Konica Minolta (end of life was 3/2014).

As to the error codes....
2305 yellow drum error
2306 magenta drum error
2307 cyan drum error

This could be any of the following
drum itself (one for each color, drum cleaning blade flipped or stuck after sitting for a year) drum blade unit (actually separate on this model) msrp 52.00 each, drum unit complete (one for each color) msrp 280.00 each
drum drive motor (one for each color) msrp 150.00 each
drum motor driver pwb (one for each color) msrp 107.00 each
or the printer control pwb (one for the whole machine) msrp 1900.00

Then figure 1 hour of diagnostics and 1-3 hours for repair at 150.00 +/- per hour.

And that is if you can find the parts..

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