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04-24-2008, 05:44 AM
Hi, I am wondering if any of you Bizhubbers have ever had a problem where the machine will not continue the job if it runs out of paper during that job.

The copier will run out of paper, come up with the "replenish paper" message, acknowledge through the absence of that little paper picture next to the tray number that paper (the correct size, even) has indeed been loaded into the tray, but will not continue with the job. Hitting the start button does nothing and the only way I've found to clear the message, short of cycling the power, is to hit the reset button and cancel the job. It does this for both trays, but I forgot to try the bypass.

I'm going to try updating the firmware in it, but was wondering if anyone had any more ideas or has seen this problem before. Thank you.


04-24-2008, 06:04 AM
Check user settings for auto tray switching settings.
Set 2 trays as letter and both set for switching.
When one runs out of paper it will go the the backup until the job is done then show an out of paper condition.
The operator setting may be set for a backup tray, but that tray may not be setup for auto tray switching causing a logic lockup.
Also check that both trays are set for plain paper.
Wierd solution for a wierd problem.

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