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10-31-2014, 12:18 PM
After reading thru the bulletins for the noise coming from the fuser on a C452 I found that the noise is not primarily coming from the fuser but the gears on the duplex entrance. some wheel bearing grease on the shaft later the noise was completely gone. This after 2 weeks of noise hunting!

10-31-2014, 01:21 PM
wheel bearing grease is not a permanent fix for the usual squeaks. I've had to clean and regrease so many C451/2 series machines after people used exactly that and it makes a mess everywhere.

I still use the ultra expensive hp500 which is like $250 for a small tub, combined with a nice short low power mode setting of around 15 minutes its never a problem again.

Heavily used machines however, will need to be done regularly regardless, and the fuser itself wont last more than half life without internal regreasing on high volume machines if you want silence.

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