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11-06-2014, 11:08 PM
This copier had a gear noise and found the housing of the fuser drive assy broken. So I fixed this and it is now printing.

Upon first boot up I noticed a low magenta toner message. Black only prints are good but color prints are bad. After a few sheets I got a 2553 error for magenta low density TCR. I reset the code and was asked to replace magenta toner which I did. The old one felt empty. Haven't seen the error come back but color prints still bad.

There was no history on this error in service mode. Maybe replacing toner took care of it. I do not know if the issue occur before me replacing parts. So not sure if anything I could have done. There was one connector on HV I had to remove but confident it is plugged in good. Cables on mfp board box plugged in. There is also some toner on back of page as well and it is building up a little all over transfer roller.

Attached image of how it should look and bad copy. I took a picture of the test pages with my camera.

Any ideas? Gonna try another IU in morning. Image looks weird and seems like more than HV issue.

11-07-2014, 02:07 PM
Fixed it. Related to yellow and magenta laser units. Ribbon cable to mfp board not seated well. Did TCR supply to get yellow and magenta levels up and all is good.

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