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01-06-2015, 12:56 AM
Not real familiar with this model, but I'm stuck with the repair. Reaching out for help.
When copying from glass or adf, scanner moves only a short distance, then the machine locks up , display shows "scanning" and then it will sit there just like that ..forever..
Turning off and on will clear things up, but next copy wil do the same..frozen..."scanning" with the rolling bar on display.
I did update the firmware but made no difference.
Things I Know...1. It;s not the adf. Does it from glass also. 2. Print jobs are fine since scanner is not used. 3.Firmware is current. 4.Machine locks up and rebooting brings things back to normal for printing. 5. No error codes because firmware update shows on event log and no errors after that, even though event occured continously.
Things I don't know...1. Much about the XM7170. 2. Why scanner only goes a short distance before locking up machine. Why no error code ?
Thanks in advance for ANY input...

01-30-2015, 12:56 AM
We don't have too many in the field and we've never come across that issue. It might be new enough to reach out to Lexmark warranty. If you're a service provider you should have access to their tech support hotline which can be helpful.

05-06-2015, 11:03 PM
Did you check the rails to see if they are lubed?

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