View Full Version : Jamming KM 1200P ADU Decurler Unit Jamming J-3203 & J-3204

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01-27-2015, 07:19 PM
Afternoon everyone,

Our 1200p has been having some issues in the ADU decurler unit. Its been catching one of the corners and causing jams. It will pass paper but I end up with a curled corner in some of the stack.

It happens the majority of the time on 24lb "90 gsm" 11x17 running simplex.
35lb "131 gsm" 8.5x11 duplex runs great with out an issue.
90lb cover "245 gsm" 8.5x11 simplex jams and curls the corner as well, but if I run it short edge first it its fine.

Any ideas on what might cause this?

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