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02-06-2015, 05:11 PM
We are trying to set up a program which makes booklets for our company with no luck. We basically have a front cover, then a second page that has an original signature on it ( therefore cant be copied ) and then comes our calculations for our engineering and then the back cover.

The issue we are having is getting the second sheet to be right after the cover. When we go into insert sheet it asks us to put in what page number we want to insert that sheet. We put in one, but when it runs it puts the cover, then one page of our calculations then does the insert sheet, then the rest of the calculations and then the back cover. It does not let us put in zero for the page number. How do we get that insert sheet to be right after the front cover. Is there a way maybe to do it with chapter instead?

On our old ricoh machine, we would put in the interposer, the covers and backs, so if we wanted 5 books we would put in 5 sets. they would be in order of front cover, insert sheet and back cover in that order for each set. The machine would pull in the front cover and insert sheet, then make all the copies then pull in the back cover, staple that book and then do another one.

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