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03-12-2015, 02:47 AM
I'm a Xerox System's Guy and retired some time ago.

My Neighbour asked my Help - they are a couple miles from my residence and have installed a Bizhub 420 in their Office, the machine had a Fax unit added. The Fax Unit is a FK-502, but I don't think it was ever set up on the machine.

Than I go the the Admin Level, I don't see option 4 which I think is Fax ?

Correct me if I'm wrong, I like to help them and need a Procedure.

Thank you !!!!!


03-12-2015, 02:56 AM
You might check in the Service Mode > System2 > Options > check to see that the Fax option is Set. I recommend that you get yourself a service manual to follow along. =^..^=

03-12-2015, 02:57 AM
First you need to visually confirmed that there is in fact a fax machine installed. I know that sounds stupid but if you don't the machine will code out. There's a three-step process to activating the fax system. First you have to enter service mode. I am not sure if we are supposed to say on the forum how to get into service mode so if you are not sure PM me. Open system 2 and go to option board status. Set fax one and press end. Go to system one in marketing area. Faxed target needs to be sent to US. Press end. Go to the fax settings and initialization. Select the two options whose names I cannot remember at the moment and initialize. It will ask you to confirm so confirm. Press end and exit and then reboot the machine. I am reciting this from memory so I hope it is close enough that you will be able to handle it.

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