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03-14-2015, 04:39 PM
first time I worked on one was before training - error AA and a major pain in the ass, things got way out of hand. So I went on Fiery advanced colour training and they decided to do an extra day to cover trouble shooting on the IC-413 with the class and we actually worked on my Fiery. in that environment and with people that knew what they were doing. it seemed simple enough.

I have two questions - where do i get my hands on a system clone tool. When I went on the training last year at konica I asked about the clone tool that I had read about on this forum "No not allowed to use that - its illegal..." :/

Second question - This one I am working on now surprise surprise is AA again - I am trying to reload the system disk through Ethernet and it is timing out. I am following the procedure in manual

Fiery off
both dips witches on - service mode
Fiery connected directly to laptop - all on DHCP and
Fiery IP is found on Fiery system software load tool
run system disk and followed prompts
With monitor connected to fiery I see ip connection confirmation
but after a while I get error PXE_E32: TFTP open time out - TFTP is off on client pc as instructed by manual (I have tried it on as well just to be fair - no difference)
After leaving it for 30 min
on monitor I see TFTP.........open time out and exiting intel boot agent
and on system install tool I get socket error has occurred and the installer stops.

I will try USB method next but if you can tell me what I am doing wrong - (I know this is the easiest method from the course)
my confidence with Fiery is already rocked and I am in the middle of nowhere and nobody to ask and really really starting to hate Fiery
on Monday I will escalate to KM but would like to try everything and get this sorted before if I can.

Thanks for the help

03-14-2015, 06:42 PM
It seems to work better with windows xp versus win7. When I got a new laptop I couldn't get it to work anymore. I just do the USB route with the Usb prep tool and a 8GB stick. The dip switch selection with USB is different . but USB is easy.

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