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04-05-2015, 09:56 PM
Hi All
I'm trying to remove a SD507 from a FS522. I have removed the SD507 but now it is still telling me that the folder door is open. I have checked all the dip switches with another machine with no change. If anyone has any information or the installation procedures it would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advanced

04-05-2015, 11:02 PM
I think I know what the problem is. The creasing unit, which sits in the middle of the finisher, comes as part of the SD-507. When you install the creasing unit, you remove a pass-through set of guides, kind of like what you see when you install a punch unit.

So here's the problem: If you remove the creasing unit you will not have the pass-through to re-install in it's place. If you leave the creasing unit in, you get the doorswitch indication. See step 10, 11, and 12 of allan's installation guide.

So I don't have a solution for you, but I can help you understand the issue.

The reason I know a little about this is we bought a used Wulff machine a while back. We paid a little extra for them to take the saddle sticher off another finisher and box it up. But they didn't include the creasing unit, and a bunch of attachment brackets. What I had to do was work the installation instructions backwards to identify all the brackets, and various parts that they never sent me. In Wulff's favor, their response was to send another entirely complete finisher with the complete saddle stitcher. So I think that's a pretty good recovery from a mistake.

04-05-2015, 11:19 PM
Jip check step 7 I think?

Glad they don't make them like this any more!!!

04-05-2015, 11:36 PM
Thank you for your help. I removed the creaser and installed a guide form a 420 finisher and all works great.
Thank you again

04-05-2015, 11:38 PM
Congratulations on your success. =^..^=

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