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    Brother 980M thermal paper fax

    I've cleaned the rollers and scan glass
    but I still get streaks on the right hand side of the page,..
    and it elongates all scanns so if you try to copy one page it makes it 2 with only a couple lines on the top of the second.

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    Brother 980M thermal paper fax

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    Does it elongate the scans? Or is it the prints?

    If it's the scans the problem is with your document feeder tires.
    If it's the prints the problem is the platen roller. When it dries out, the the paper slips.

    The big question on thermal facsimile is can you charge 1 hour labor, and install a part for less than the cost of a new one?

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    Cool cw

    if the scan is elongating it can only be caused from the df not feeding properly. inspect rollers and clutch. i have any part you might need. make sure you clean the scanner and mirrors then recalibrate

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    the last guy had it, they just junked it compared to the hr. labor

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