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    Re: Brother HL-5440D Reset Fuser Counter

    Quote Originally Posted by dalewb74 View Post
    you do not need a specific file nor a software program in order to reset the fuser.
    Partially correct. For LED models you actually need a specific file and software program.

    LED model
    (1) Open the front cover. Press and hold the[Go] button, and turn ON the powerswitch of the machine. Check that theBack Cover, Toner, Drum, Paper andError LEDs light, and release the [Go]button. Check that all LEDs go out, andthen press the [Go] button for at leasttwo seconds. The Paper LED lights, andthe machine enters maintenance mode.

    (2) Connect the computer to the machine with the USB cable.(3) Double-click "FILEDG32.EXE" on the computer to start it, and select the "BrotherMaintenance USB Printer".(4) Drag and drop the periodic parts resetting PJL file onto the "Brother Maintenance USBPrinter" icon.(5) Turn OFF the power switch of the machine.
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    Re: Brother HL-5440D Reset Fuser Counter

    Hi, thanks for reply. I dont have FILEDG32.EXE

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    Brother HL-5440D Reset Fuser Counter

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    Re: Brother HL-5440D Reset Fuser Counter

    if you don't have the file. then it is time to contact brother to get the correct file needed. if you load an incorrect file you can brick a machine.


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