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  • 1-3 Years

    46 6.50%
  • 3-6 Years

    41 5.79%
  • 6-10 Years

    67 9.46%
  • 10-15 Years

    105 14.83%
  • 15-20 Years

    95 13.42%
  • 20-30 Years

    224 31.64%
  • 30 + Years

    130 18.36%
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    Re: How Long Servicing Office Equipment

    Quote Originally Posted by anothertech View Post
    I stated doing this in 1984 and yes, this job has changed a lot. Everything changes, you have just got to change and adapt to the new normal. I like the job because I like helping people. When we techs show up it's because something is keeping a customer from getting their job done, sometimes causing them a lot of stress. We are there to fix the issue which help relieve the stress and help them get through the day. They are happy to see me when I arrive, and happy to see me leave, because they know the machine is working and they can get on with their day.

    A lot of techs think the job is fixing machines, I think it's more than that. The job is helping the customers with their pain points, helping them get through the day, it's just a different way of looking at it.
    Exactly my point of view! I like to help people and by the end of the day helping people and fixing problems at my best...that's the rock&roll
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    Re: How Long Servicing Office Equipment

    Quote Originally Posted by gpoffmachs View Post
    32 years next month
    just sold my own business i built up from scratch -- after 22 years
    built it up to be desirable
    took some serious cash and still working for the wife to have health insurance
    until... next year when I jump ship to retirement and move the heck away from the west coast liberals

    regarding>>away from the west coast liberals..
    new york is going the same route as CA. A real p:ssy state where now they let everyone out of jail and if
    they break the law again then they give them free Yankee tickets.......i hate CUOMO and deblasio,too majors turds..
    might have to look south.......

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    Re: How Long Servicing Office Equipment

    42 years for me.... started out of high school in 1978 repairing Pitney Bowes mailing machines...

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