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    Re: What age group are you in?

    Just about to hit 30 years in this business, seen a lot of changes and worked on many different brands.
    I'll be 57 in a few months, but according to my niece I'm 114!!!!
    Got to love the little ones and how they think
    28 years ago I looked at the copier box and the computer box, told one of the computer guys that they were going to talk to each other.
    He called me crazy!! That's when I started into computers on the side, all these years later and I'm still servicing both boxes.
    $hit Happens - Deal with it and move on.........................................................................Lock & Load

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    What age group are you in?

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    Re: What age group are you in?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hadster View Post
    Started straight out of high school in 1984. Anybody remember RBC 155/122's. We bought a tracker truck load for $25 a piece one time. LOL! 36 yrs later I own a small dealership and still enjoy going out making service calls. I'll be turning 54 this year. Spring chicken!
    I started in 1984 also. We had a lot of Royal 115/122's out in the field. Very good machine for the time. The school was two weeks long, week one was mechanical and week two was electronics. The machine only had one PCB, that was a very good first school. Full Pm every 20K, a lot of work but good machine for 1984.

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