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Thread: Pros Elite 100

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    Pros Elite 100

    Just checking to see if Pros Elite is good for techs or NOT.
    Has anyone been using this in their company?
    If so , how is it working out ?

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    Re: Pros Elite 100

    It is great for tracking useless information like "Accountable time, First call arrival time" etc. It does absolutely NOTHING for the customer or the field technician. It has developed into nothing more than a hammer to beat down employee morale. BEI tracks much better meaningful numbers as copies between calls, etc. Another problem is for those of us who have a 3 or more hours wide territory, we still are compared to those who work urban areas. I think that every hour and a half travel time should be counted as a completed call to make it fair for long travelers. The most important numbers to track are: Is the customer happy? Will the customer buy from us again? How is our service described when customers talk to each other? You cant track these, and Accountable time is a very poor substitute!

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    Re: Pros Elite 100

    These guys are shady as all hell. Started by a bunch of former IKON guys they are great at counting beans and padding their own numbers to show their own worth. The way they tweak the model records to skew their SQL based reports (always in their favor I might add ) is a joke. Good techs left the company as a direct result of this organization.
    Not sure if they ever hit 100 as when I was involved with them they were ProsElite "47".

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    Re: Pros Elite 100

    Quote Originally Posted by Copier Whisperer View Post
    It does absolutely NOTHING for the customer or the field technician. It has developed into nothing more than a hammer to beat down employee morale.
    I felt exactly like that when I worked a 500 Kilometer or roughly 300 Miles radius area. Manager phoned me up one morning telling me that the boss is real upset after pulling a report from the system(I know *u#kall about Pros Elite 100 that was PBO). It showed that i was only 60% effective at my job and I must be up to something. Sure other techs had the same or worst percentage. He was sure to mention he paid over ten thousand dollars for the software so it must be right. Urban/City/Industrial area I worked at a time so customers are packed close to each other. During that phone call i lost it. At that time i was over worked and supplied with second hand parts coming out of the returning machines. Just that previous month I completed 220 calls. You can not provide quality of service at that pace but at least the Bizhub machines are reliable enough, where it gets lost is in customer relation and the general condition of the machines. The BPO system slowed the entire office down to a creep and extra stock release security measures were put in place so it took 3 people to get together to get a part signed over to the technician. From 7h30 showing up for work until 10h00 i have to go through the most painful process to get my parts toners and calls all together. 12 Job instructions on average. Anything from delivering invoices contracts and toner is part of the graft. Now to get a call like that after you have not had 5min to yourself for weeks breaks you. Had to quit that job. On the other end the contract work i do now does not include a single job card or log form. From day one gaining the customers we simply create a Whatsapp group per customer and respond to calls that way. You walk in fix the machine and walk out as long as the machines are running customers are happy. We don't do down time that well.

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