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    How long do you want to keep a used printer?

    Today I made several considerations on used printers. They are very convenient because you can put them around again, generating new profits. But until when is it convenient?

    For example the bizhub C364 / C364e are printers that are starting to get old. SMB, Scan To Email etc. started having problems in certain realities that require recent security protocols. The problem is that many salespeople don't think about it and they make long contracts for printers that are unlikely to stay up to date.

    Do you have any parameters to define a printer as unsaleable, even if it works well (copy/print)?

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    How long do you want to keep a used printer?

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    Re: How long do you want to keep a used printer?

    I sell a lot of off lease refurbished (by me) machines. They can be hugely profitable. I don't like to go further than 2 model lines deep though. For example, I will buy and sell a C654e without question, I would consider a C654 if the customer is just looking for a cheap printer/copier. I won't bother with a C652. If your customer is big on scanning be wary of older tech.

    Of special note, I recently bought a handful of Bizhub 501's at auction for $20 each. Plan was to part them out. Instead, I ended up making one great machine and sold it to a retired paralegal who needed it for just straight copying at home. No print or scan. She was happy as can be to get a usable machine so cheap and I got a new customer for service and supplies.

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